Coaching programmes starting Thursday 23rd May and Wednesday 5th June but there is still time to join!

We’re offering a special discount of
20% off the price at £384
if you sign up before 9th May (Thursday group) and 22nd May (Wednesday group)
(Usual price £480)

Gifted with ADHD: Group Coaching Programmes

When do the programmes take place?

May Programme
Every Thursday at 7pm – 8:30pm
Starting 23rd May 2024

June Programme
Every Wednesday at 1pm – 2:30pm
Starting 5th June 2024

You’ll be sent a link beforehand (via our coaching portal) with the session Zoom link.

How many weeks and price?

£480 for 8 weeks ((20% off if you sign up for the early bird discount). ).
This can be payable in 2 monthly instalments (interest free).

Do you have to attend every week?

No! Each session will be recorded so you can catch up if you need to.
It is also really helpful with group coaching to watch it again, as you can gain a different perspective and valuable insights.

What will happen during the sessions?

It will be a small group and each week we’ll cover a different topic related to ADHD. Each session we’ll start with our weekly wins and share our challenges. I will then talk about a topic and invite people to be coached around that topic. e.g. procrastination or overwhelm.

There will be a weekly exercise/information sheet sent out on the topic we talked about for you to do in between sessions.

Is group coaching confidential?

Yes. By joining this group coaching programme, you are agreeing to not share the recording with anyone and to respect others privacy within the group.

We’ve tried to think of everything you’d like to know before coaching begins, but if you do have any more questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them.

So, if you’re interested in joining us sign up on the booking button below:

Meet Juliet O’Rourke, ADHD Coach

Hello, I’m Juliet and as an ADHD coach, I’m passionate about empowering adults with ADHD to discover their unique gifts and strengths. I offer group coaching online, workshops, and one-to-one coaching for people with ADHD.

Once I realised that my ADHD brain was just different and not broken, I stopped trying to “fix” myself. My hope is that I can support fellow members of our amazing ADHD community, so they can unconditionally accept and embrace their own unique brain wiring. My support comes from a place of truth, self-compassion and authenticity.

Juliet O’Rourke

The Benefits of ADHD Group Coaching

Peer Support:
Living with ADHD can feel isolating, and group coaching can help reduce this isolation. Group coaching provides an opportunity to interact with others who have similar experiences and challenges. This peer support can be encouraging and validating, helping members feel less alone, more understood and promote higher levels of self-esteem and confidence.

A group coaching setting can provide accountability to members who may struggle with motivation or focus. The group environment can promote a sense of responsibility to oneself and others, which can increase commitment to achieving goals.

Skill Building:
ADHD group coaching often includes educational components or skill building exercises to help members learn strategies to manage their symptoms. The group setting can allow for the sharing of tips and techniques among members, promoting collective learning.

My group coaching sessions are a fraction of the cost of my one-to-one coaching sessions.

However in my experience, group coaching is more transformative for ADHDers than the one-to-one coaching model.

Can’t make Wednesdays or Thursdays?
No problem!

Please register here and I will send you all the details of my next upcoming groups and workshops

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Do you have a question?

I would love to see you in one of my programmes, so don’t miss out on this amazing coaching programme at an incredible price.
I currently have a 6 month waiting list for my one to one coaching and this is why I have created the group coaching programme.
I want to be able to help more people, sooner and at a fraction of the price of my one to one sessions.

If you have some questions before you book, feel free to book an intro call via the button below so that we can meet to talk about it some more.

Or if you would like to send Juliet a message

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